Our Story

Unlock the nature's spell: where the magic of nature meets the precision of science 🍃🧪

Nature Spell is a family run business founded in 2009, inspired by our siblings Simran and Siddhi, and their long standing passion for clean cosmetics.
Our journey began during our teenage years, with the wish to bring Indian hair oiling techniques to the western market and realising that most haircare products were brimmed with harmful chemicals and expensive. Working with our brothers Sach and Sunny, we started looking for alternative ingredients, trying out formulas at home and testing these with our family and friends. We soon discovered they loved and believed in our products just as much as we do. We are now the number one Beauty Brand on TikTok, and have the best-selling Rosemary Oil in the UK!

A Skincare Exploration

Made in the UK, we are putting effort into extracting the Earth’s natural goodness to create efficient and accessible haircare and skincare products, suitable for all skin types and concerns. Backed by the science of powerful active ingredients, natural extracts and cold-pressed oils, our products are clean, cruelty-free, mostly vegan and sourced with care.

We’ve had a lot of fun bringing this to life and we want you on board to Spell the Tea and get in touch with us. Tag us using #SpelltheTea #NatureSpell and leave us a review 💗