Our Story

Where the magic of nature meets the precision of science 🍃

Made in the UK, Spellbinding Vegan Haircare & Skincare. We're mixing natural extracts and clinically-backed ingredients, cold-pressed oils, free from harmful chemicals and sourced with care. Our products are plant-based, efficient, accessible and suitable for all hair/skin types and concerns. Oh, and we have the #1 Best Selling Rosemary Oil in the UK! Tested on Real People with over 2 million trusted reviews 📲

A Home-Grown Journey 🫂

Nature Spell is a home-grown and family run business founded in March 2009, inspired by Simran and Siddhi, two siblings and their long-standing passion for clean cosmetics.

The journey began during our teenage years, with many discussions on hair and beauty, where all family members got involved with their unique experiences and visions. Simran’s main concerns were animal welfare, earth’s natural goodness and how to make hair healthy again after colouring and damaging it. This eventually led to the launch of Nature Spell’s very first product: our iconic pre-diluted & cold-pressed Rosemary Oil. We’ve also had the wish to bring Indian hair oiling techniques to the western market and realised that most haircare products were brimmed with harmful chemicals and expensive. Working with our brothers Sach and Sunny, we started looking for alternative ingredients, trying out formulas at home and testing these with our family and friends. We soon discovered they loved and believed in our products just as much as we do.

A little more about the founders

Harsimran Kaur (‘Simran’ for short) is the co-founder of Nature Spell, also a daughter, sister, wife, friend and a very happy hippy human.

Born in 1993, Simran prayed to God for a little brother. Her wish was granted when her perfect brother ‘Sach’ was born three years after her.

These siblings are grateful to have experienced the success journey of their parents, who worked 7-days/ week in a small family-run business. This laid the foundation and confidence for Simran & Sach to dream BIG.

As a young adult, Simran never really showed any keen interest in the business world. Instead, she constantly gravitated towards nature, spirituality and science. The opposite is true for Sach. However, business is in their blood, so they both graduated in the fields of ‘Business HRM’ and ‘Economics’.

Simran has always been on the search for organic fruit & veg, alkaline herbal teas and conscious/ethical self-care products in the global market. Hashtag hypo-allergenic please! She is deeply concerned with animal welfare, always off to some vegan campout, so that’s why Nature Spell is vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

Simran and Sach have a German Shephard dog named ‘Rambo’, his eyes are green just like the viral ‘Nature Spell Rosemary Oil’ label. Green is the colour of the heart chakra. Simran’s beloved Bengal cat ‘Sheru’ also had green eyes. Simran misses her cat so much that her brother had to tell Simran to stop scrolling on Tiktok from Nature Spell’s account, because their whole algorithm turned into CAT videos. *This is now under control.*

Simran & Sach’s parents are friends and business partners with Sunny and Siddhi’s parents. Sach and Sunny are the brains and resilience behind Nature Spell. Whereas, Simran and Sidhi are the brand’s inspiration. This is the journey of a conscious consumer herself, who is counting her blessings. Nature Spell is empowered by a dream team. We learn from one another, we ground deeper to our roots and grow stronger, interdependently.

“If I could give my current role at Nature Spell a fancy name, it would be: Operational Director for Customer Services and Logistics Management. A.K.A just a person with a kind heart who gets to communicate with passionate consumers and resolve all issues as best as possible, without always blaming delivery drivers. It’s fun!”

We’ve had a lot of fun bringing this to life and we want you on board to Spell the Tea and get in touch with us. Tag #SpelltheTea #NatureSpell and leave us a review 💗