What Is Pink Clay And Why You Need It For Your Skin

What Is Pink Clay And Why You Need It For Your Skin

What Is Pink Clay?

Pink clay is a is in essence a clay called kaolin. The clay itself does come in many colours however it is known that the pink hue clay is one of the most efficient for absorbing onto an individuals skin and providing pore perfection/cleaning properties. The clay is a highly popular skincare ingredient and is one of the most effective active ingredients for dry and sensitive skin.

Pink Clay

What Is Pink Clay Good For?

Pink clay has a wealth of silica which is known to increase the elasticity of our skin whilst giving it a supple and smooth feeling with a youthful glow that we all crave. The clay can be used for all skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skin, so if you are worried about breakouts and irritation then pink clay is what you need on your face. Pink clay works best if your skin does suffer from irritation and inflammation. Pink Clay helps draw out impurities and helps lock in a lot of much needed moisture.

One of the biggest benefits of pink clay is that is clarifies and tightens pores, something we all worry about. Furthermore, we all have hormonal breakouts that we cannot stand and one of the best active ingredients for that is pink clay, it makes sure the skin can fight against any breakouts and also assures the skin does not get congested with pollutants.

In conclusion, if you are struggling from any of the following:

  • Dry and sensitive skin?
  • Tired & dull skin?
  • Want to clarify & tighten your pores?
  • Acne and other hormonal breakouts?

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