3 Essential Ways to Use Hair Oils For Hair Growth

3 Essential Ways to Use Hair Oils For Hair Growth
Using hair oils at first could seem daunting at first, as you are trying to maximise the benefits whilst trying to avoid further damage. Here we will explain 3 essential ways to use Nature Spell’s treatment oils for your hair to maximise the benefits and see real results.

1) Pre-Styling Oil

    One of the best one of the best ways to keep your hair nourished and glossy is to use a pre styled oil. Add a few drops of your favourite Nature Spell Oil to your palms rub your hands together and gently massage into the hair from the root’s outwards for a luxurious lush look where your hair will be ready to be styled.
      We recommend the so-called lighter oils if you would like to use your oil for pre-styling, these would include rosemary oil, argan oil, lavender oil avocado oil, and vitamin e oil.
        Whilst these oils will be great for pre-styling, let's not forget the benefits that each oil brings to your hair. Rosemary oil is proven to improve hair growth and make hair thicker in certain types of alopecia whilst providing result identical to a widely-used minoxidil hair loss treatment. For those suffering from hair loss, a few drops of Lavender Oil can significantly boost the health of your follicle beds and eliminate dandruff. Vitamin E Oil promotes hair growth and can repair damaged hair follicles whilst reducing hair dryness. Argan oil creates a protective layer on your hair, protects your hair from heat damage and may prevent split ends. It also nourishes your scalp and protects your skin from dryness whilst reducing fizziness. Avocado oil acts as an excellent conditioner promoting hair growth and a smoother hair structure.

        2) Leave-In Conditioner

        Repair and replenish your hair by using your Nature Spell oil as a leave-in conditioner. After washing, towel-dry your hair and massage a few drops from the middle right through to the ends while still down and enjoy a sleek, soft and frizz-free locks in moments.

        3) Overnight Hair Treatment

        Nourish your hair with a luxurious Nature Spell overnight treatment. Before bed, massage a few drops of treatment oil into your scalp and down through to the roots of your hair, and you'll wake up with deliciously silky locks.

        3 Golden Rules for Healthy Hair

        1) Keep it Simple

        There is no need to overcomplicate things. Using a few drops of high-quality products to keep you looking fresh and radiant. Choose hair oils that do not contain mineral oils, parabens and SLS and make use of natural extracts, should be your focus. See our full range of hair oils, our oils are natural, made in England and 100% cruelty free. Try a few different oils to find the one that best works for you, we have an oil for all hair types and all needs.  

        Hair Oils

        2) Reduce Heat Exposure

        As well as using beautiful hair products you can look after your hair by reducing the amount of heat exposure. Hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs can cause your hair to become dried out and brittle. If possible, leave your hair to dry naturally sometimes, your locks will thank you for it

        3) Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet

        You are what you eat, and you need to feed your natural beauty from the inside out. Eat a wide variety of different foods. As well as drinking plenty of water, the best nutrients for your skin and hair can be found in a balanced diet. Combined with using your favourite nature sport product these Golden rules would ensure you always look and feel your best

        If you are looking for natural oils that you could use for your hair, skin and body you'd like Nature Spell versatile oils. These oils can be used for your hair, skin of your body and even face.

        Depending on your skin type or hair state you may want to use different oils. Some of them can purify your skin, most of them have amazing healing and nourishing properties that can strengthen and improve both: the appearance of your hair and skin. These oils can be used as a natural body lotion, and they will leave a subtle fragrant smell on your skin whilst providing great moisturisation and nourishment. You can also use them as a leave-in hair conditioner. Our oils combine pure and natural oils, do not contain parabens or artificial colourings.