Nature Spell is the creation of the Gandhi family: a father and son with African roots. Our UK-based company was born out of a deep connection with the natural world, and a love for the treasures it produces. Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, the Gandhi family always felt close to nature - a feeling that stayed with him when he moved to the UK in the 1980s, where he started a family and began his first business. Inspired by childhood memories of the breathtaking Kenyan landscape, Mr Gandhi and his son wanted to create luxurious cosmetic products that were packed with the earth’s natural goodness. Nature Spell was imagined and, in 2010, it became a reality.

 At Nature Spell, we believe that the best cosmetics and remedies are derived from natural sources, and each of our products is carefully created to make sure it is as close to the original ingredients as possible. As a family-run business, we’re not a faceless cosmetics brand. We take pride in creating products that are beautifully balanced and crafted with our customer in mind.


As humans, we are ourselves a product of nature. It’s no surprise then, that our bodies and minds respond best to natural ingredients. Nature provides us with a wealth of wonderful products that are free from toxins and harmful chemicals, and are packed with natural health-boosting properties.